1. Why Should I Get A Front End Alignment?

    In the modern world we live in, your car has incredible importance and value to your life and how you live it. It serves the critical purpose of transporting us everywhere we need to go, from work to the store, to visiting family and friends. It protects us from the elements, other cars, and ourselves, and for some, their car is like a family member and for others, their car is literally their hom…Read More

  2. How to Change Your Oil

    Servicing your car can be a hassle and pricey endeavor, especially if your car is finicky or old and needs to be maintenanced often. To avoid costly service fees, it is always a good idea to carry around some parts, tools, and servicing necessities to save you from pulling your hair out. Of course, if you do find yourself with the means to get to a mechanic, come to Gulf Coast Alignments, a Top Ra…Read More

  3. Skip The Quick Oil Change – Bring Your Vehicle To Gulf Coast Alignments

    We have all been there, that little message pops up on your dash indicating that you are over your oil change interval. You consider the place down the street that advertises oil changes at incredible speed — 30 seconds or something crazy like that. Of course, over the 30-second oil change, and they will send a whole platoon of “technicians” to show you parts and implore you to replace vario…Read More

  4. The Wheel Alignment

    Most vehicle owners, at one time or another, will eventually be told that they need a wheel alignment. Is this the same tactic that the quick oil change places use when they bring out your brand new air filter and suggest that you need a new one? Or is it a necessary part of vehicle maintenance? At Gulf Coast Alignments, we are one of the most experienced wheel alignments in Houston and are commit…Read More

  5. Diesel Preventative Maintenance

    If you have a diesel truck or car, you probably know that the maintenance is critical to ensuring that your vehicle will go the distance. At Gulf Coast Alignments we perform a variety of maintenance services on diesel vehicles, and we understand the importance of proper care. Not only are we Houston’s most recognized wheel and front end alignment professionals but we are also your one-stop-shop …Read More

  6. Considering a Lift Kit? Now Is The Time!

    In Houston, we have a rich automotive culture. Now, Detroit may have Woodward avenue, and LA has the Sunset Strip for cruising. From hotrods to lowriders, slabs, and Harleys, the cruising scene around the country is incredibly diverse in its interpretations. Hotrods: the all-engine fire breathing beasts, all that power barely contained under a set of foot-wide racing slicks. Lowriders: the definit…Read More

  7. Let’s Talk About Your Brakes

    Most of us take for granted that when we step on the brake pedal, the car is going to stop. And while that may be true most of the time it is always a possibility that your vehicle’s brakes could fail. This may sound a bit dramatic and alarmist but, as with anything mechanical, there is always a chance of failure. At Gulf Coast Alignments we are proud to offer brake services for cars and light t…Read More

  8. Gulf Coast Alignments – Houston’s Finest Preventative Maintenance for Your Vehicle

    The weather gets hot here in Houston, particularly in the summer. (You are welcome for the little shot of obvious.)  Of course you know it is hot in the summer, and being though it is summer, you dress accordingly. We dress in shorts and sandals, adapting to the warmer weather seemingly without even noticing. Wouldn't it be amazing if preventative maintenance on your car was that intuitive? With …Read More

  9. Welcome to Gulf Coast Alignments!

    We are proud to welcome you to Houston’s finest automotive service and alignment center. We take great pride in our community and the condition of our customers’ vehicles. We invite you to stop in for any of our services or just swing by to chat if you have concerns about your vehicle. While we are your alignment specialists, the depth of our services goes far beyond alignments, and we have mo…Read More