Skip The Quick Oil Change – Bring Your Vehicle To Gulf Coast Alignments

We have all been there, that little message pops up on your dash indicating that you are over your oil change interval. You consider the place down the street that advertises oil changes at incredible speed — 30 seconds or something crazy like that. Of course, over the 30-second oil change, and they will send a whole platoon of “technicians” to show you parts and implore you to replace various parts. Do you really think that they had time to thoroughly inspect your vehicle? Of course not, these are all tactics to get you to spend money on extras. It’s like the ice cream shop setting those waffle cones with the chocolate and sprinkles right where you can see them. Is that the most efficient storage for chocolate-dipped waffle cones with sprinkles? Nope, but it is the easiest way to sell them, and heck yeah you want a waffle cone with sprinkles and chocolate. The same is true when the guy brings you your air filter, it is much easier to tell them to go ahead and replace it, you know, since it’s out anyway. At Gulf Coast Alignments, we don’t believe in selling you anything you don’t need, just for the sake of making extra money. We believe in quality service with no hassle.

There Is More to an Oil Change Than You Think

While we have no problem with those quick oil change shops, we just do things a bit differently that we believe will make a difference. With 25 years of experience, we know what to look for when changing your oil — things that fast oil change places tend to miss. The difference with us is that we know how to fix a leaking rear main seal or replace a timing belt. Experienced mechanics by nature, tend to scan the vehicle for problems when they are performing routine maintenance. Our technicians can get you on your way fast if that is what you want but it is easy to miss what can be important warning signs.

Oil Changes Matter

You may think that we only do alignments, while that is one of our specialties, we take care of the whole vehicle. We like to think of ourselves as Houston’s one-stop automotive shop. You can get a tune-up, rotate and balance your tires, and even put a lift kit on your truck, we truly do it all. And the one service that we thoroughly enjoy providing for our customers is the oil change. We can’t caution you enough how important it is to not ignore that little oil change light on your dash.

Come to Houston’s Finest!

When you need just about anything for your car or truck, bring it to the experts at Gulf Coast Alignments. We have proudly served Houston for the last 25 years and are proud to be part of the community. So give us a call when your oil change light pops on, your steering wheel starts shaking (alignment), or when you want to stop that grinding in your front wheel (brakes). We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your business.