The Wheel Alignment

Most vehicle owners, at one time or another, will eventually be told that they need a wheel alignment. Is this the same tactic that the quick oil change places use when they bring out your brand new air filter and suggest that you need a new one? Or is it a necessary part of vehicle maintenance? At Gulf Coast Alignments, we are one of the most experienced wheel alignments in Houston and are committed to providing our loyal customers, as well as new clients, the best possible service at excellent prices. For over 25 years we have been performing wheel alignments and we know when it needs to be done and when you can get by for a bit longer.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

There is a lot more going on underneath your car than you may realize. The road acts on your tires, which act on the suspension, which acts on the vehicle itself. And keep in mind that your entire vehicle is only touching the road at four little spots on the tire. These four little areas are called contact patches and a wheel alignment is what keeps these areas in line and your vehicle heading down the road in a straight line. Alignments on some vehicles can include all four wheels, but traditionally, only the front wheels are aligned unless there is a great need for the rear to be adjusted. An alignment takes into account the angle of the wheels in relation to the vehicle itself, and is a complex series of numbers that relate to the individual vehicle. Every vehicle is unique, but none are immune to alignment issues.


When Do You Need a Wheel Alignment?

This is the question we are asked many times throughout the year. When should I get a wheel alignment? Easy. If your steering is beginning to suffer, you are feeling a vibration in your steering wheel, or even if your car is pulling one way or another, it is time for an alignment. The sooner you bring it in after you notice an issue, the more chance you have of saving your tires. Speaking of tires, whenever you get new tires it is a good idea to have an alignment performance. There are subtle differences in all tires, even the same brand will be different enough that an alignment will need to be performed. Tires, as painful as it may be, are a wear item and should be replaced when they wear to the point of being dangerous. Alignments keep your tires from failing prematurely and your car heading down the road safely.

When In Doubt, Align It

The experts at Gulf Coast Alignments are not going to give you an alignment if you don’t need one, but chances are, your car will need one. Like an oil change, tire rotation, or a transmission flush, an alignment is just one of those preventative maintenance items that keep your car in top shape. Contact us today for an appointment and keep your vehicle between the lines.